15 februarie 2016

Make your dreams come true

 *text scris pentru un concurs in liceu

     He was alone..A small being in the infinite of time..Nobody knew of his existence,or at least that he was able to see everything..The perfect eyewitness...He’s looking curiously,observes little detailes..But no one knows that he has a soul,too.His wings flew too much through this world for that someone even care.And still, he’s just a little butterfly.His size is not important, but the changes which he could bring.Maybe he will change more than you could do,only by his passing through time.The fact that you’re in the same continent,the same country,the same city and in the same moment doesn’t matter to you at all?
     He’s flying above us and sees around him only sad buildings,streets decorated with holes and a lot of mud- exactly as an abstract picture.If you want to look at the sky,you’ll see that it’s cloudy. Time passes,but the butterfly always seeks .

At a table,two men are drinking their coffe, hoping they’ll wake up to reality..However, it has lost its effect,too.Then they’ll want to call somebody,but there is no one..Everyone is busy looking for their dreams which they lost while they were chasing life.They just realised they’re racing through life without leaving a mark,without being truly loved, without hoping for better,without smiling for no reason..
     Luckly,some flowers are welcoming the little butterfly around the corner…He remembers how well it was back then ..The joy of liberty can’t be described in words..You’d better paint it in all the colours of the rainbow.Up in the sky,a bunch of butterflies ...They’re chasing each other and they seem to be so happy ! He’s flying after them,but in vain..He’s not strong enough and now he lost them…He’s turning back and he’s lying on the sill of an opened window which attracts him mysteriously inside.
     A blonde girl stays on her bed and is drawing into the air symbols and signs known only by her.But that smile…her smile fills his little heart and he’s feeling he is going to explode..He felt this way a long time ago..He is entering her room:a place that is emanating the same energy as the girl..Lots of colored pencils on the table,drawings laying all over..A guitar supported by the bed and tubes of lipstick half-used…This girl has so much energy in her, that even the butterfly feels that the buildings can have a colour,the streets can be repaired…People can change and there is always a shiny sun after the clouds.The little being feels the life now beating inside of her and he’s beginning to dance around the girl.This dance charms all the things around and some rays of sun seem already ready to appear.
     Time stops and the differences between them disappear,transforming the little being into an ordinary man.He’s the perfect embodiment of the girl’s dreams.He’s watching her swany moves,trying to discover the reason of her smile.His presence is remarked in the moment the girl looks at the window.She’s shuddering,but her subconscious is realizing he’s different…They’re smiling without knowing why.. 
     She stands up, walks around the room…She is pinching herself..It’s something strange going on..All  these seem to be a dream to her and her body still reacted like in a real world.She is watching around her and she is discovering amased the untouched perfection:she has the wanted world and all in it seems to be unbelievable.
I’m dreaming..like usually with my opened eyes.
I’m seeking  the perfection like any other man, there, where I can surely find it:in my dreams..
And I feel!
Besides of all that is real and kills the dreams of people,I feel because I dream with my eyes opened.It’s enough to look at the stain of paint from the wall in front of me..to listen that music which is making my soul vibrate..
To let it flow through every cell of my body..to float on the winds’ chords towards that perfect world..to fly above everything that is real…
The wind is whispering priceless memories..
I’m dreaming…
I’m dreaming a sunset on the top of a hill,under an oak..
I’m dreaming a sunset in places full of love..
I’m dreaming a baby’s cry and the horizon reddened by feelings...
I’m dreaming the infinity captured in a moment…
I’m dreaming liberty..
A moment so long that I’m sweating happiness…I’m sweating life..
I’m dreaming you beside me..free…timeless..with your bare foot through grass..sticked by me..wind,sunset,the oak and you.
     I’m dreaming..I’m dreaming with my eyes opened…I’m wondering if a piece of these could sometimes be true..In my dreams, I make everything out of thin air...I want to sleep,to dream,to love,to never wake up from my perfect dream,created with a lot of burden and desire..I want to manage this life the way I like and you to play by my rules.But what if you’re a man who is dreaming like me and our dreams have united,this dream is for you,also,an ideal?When you’ll be awake,you’ll still be willing to dream,to live my dreams?

     I watch my host undecided.What is she seeing that she’s looking at me like that?A chill is piercing me.Her look is giving me the sensation that she is truly seeing beyond the appearances.She knows my dreams and my deepest toughts.Is she really realizing I’m just a simple butterfly?Or by need,she turned me into what she needed me to be?She’s dreaming…she’s dreaming with her eyes opened…
     I often wonder why people dream..We dream what our subconscious dictates us.The soul doesn’t understands, only the mind tells them to do,but  the soul is still hiding somewhere,there,inside of him,all those things which are shocking him,which are thrilling him.How could we define dreams?How can we define something which exists only in the unlighted corners of our imagination,in places which only the moon succeeds to disclose them?
     Dreams are born,grow,live and die like any other passing thing on Earth.They are born by desire and while the desire becomes an obsession,it transforms itself into a dream.


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