15 februarie 2016

Make your dreams come true

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     He was alone..A small being in the infinite of time..Nobody knew of his existence,or at least that he was able to see everything..The perfect eyewitness...He’s looking curiously,observes little detailes..But no one knows that he has a soul,too.His wings flew too much through this world for that someone even care.And still, he’s just a little butterfly.His size is not important, but the changes which he could bring.Maybe he will change more than you could do,only by his passing through time.The fact that you’re in the same continent,the same country,the same city and in the same moment doesn’t matter to you at all?
     He’s flying above us and sees around him only sad buildings,streets decorated with holes and a lot of mud- exactly as an abstract picture.If you want to look at the sky,you’ll see that it’s cloudy. Time passes,but the butterfly always seeks .